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🌷Spring Consignment Is Happening Now! Now Consigning Prom Dresses & Accessories!💃🕺
Spring Consignment Begins February 1st! Now Consigning Prom Dresses & Accessories!
The Green Truth About Consignment

The Green Truth About Consignment

Happy Earth Day!

It's easy to forget our planet is comprised of limited resources, especially when we are inundated with store shelves and online marketplaces stocked full of items. It's important we all do our part to minimize personal consumption in an effort for conservation.

At Consignment Originals we find purpose in repurposing stylish textiles such as clothes, shoes, furniture, and home décor within our local communities. Whether you consign with us or buy with us, you're helping elongate the lifespan of your fashion which helps reduce our daily consumption of Earth's resources.

In 2018 alone, there was more than 11,000,000 tons of textile material dumped into landfills compared to only 2,510,000 tons of recycled textiles1. Learn more about all the eco-friendly advantages of recycling by reading this thoughtful article here: 





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